Don’t lose your holiday to the inside of a laundromat.

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More Information About WashDrop’s Chiang Mai Laundry Service:

WashDrop are located in Chaing Mai, Thailand and offer laundry services to those visiting or living in the city. Collection of the laundry and delivery within 5 kilometres of the old town/moat area is free while those outside the city are charged a small fee depending on their location. WashDrop has three delivery options for laundry including a 6 hour express service, standard 24 hour service and economy 48 hour service. WashDrop is reliable, high quality and is not expensive.

What are the benefits of using WashDrop in Chaing Mai? Lower prices compared to those offered in hotels and other laundry service providers. They also offer free delivery and collection of the laundry around the city and it can be returned in as little as six hours from time of collection. Based on all of their Facebook reviews, there have been no reported misplacement of items or laundry returned being cleaned inappropriately. The driver sent to collect the laundry shows up in a 30 or 60 minute time window that you select when you book on their web site. Just tell them which hotel you’re staying at, and they will handle everything. You can even leave it with your hotel reception for collection if you prefer.

WashDrop also offers other services to the benefit of the customer, which can be difficult to take care of when you’re travelling to a new city and don’t know where to go. These services include the repair of clothes that are maybe torn or the zippers are broken. The laundry is done to perfection such that when the clients get the clothes back they are spotlessly clean, with some customers reporting that stains that have been there for years have been removed, they smell nice and are soft. The laundry is also brought back to the clients in the shortest time possible.

When it comes to laundry services in Chaing Mai, WashDrop’s efficient and reliable service is preferred by travelers, digital nomads, expats and locals who reside in Chaing Mai since it is an effective, readily available and affordable way of doing laundry. For those staying in hotel rooms, the laundry offered is overpriced and often charged per garment, while with WashDrop you just pay per kilogram of clothes. As for the residents of Chaing Mai, using a service to have their laundry done for them will save them a great deal of money and time in the long run. This is because the extra costs that are incurred in tough stain removal and taking of the laundry to and from the laundry services are taken care of absolutely free.

Unlike other laundry services, you do not have to be present to give the laundry by yourself. You could leave it at the reception of the hotel you are staying. All you have to do is inform them where you left it when you make your booking and their driver will take care of the rest. After the laundry is collected, they weigh it and an invoice of the cost to be incurred is sent to you via e-mail. Payment is accepted in various forms including cash on delivery, VISA, MasterCard, and JCB. It is, therefore, perfectly easy and simple to use their laundry service in Chiang Mai even for tourists that are just visiting the city.

Chaing Mai has been described by tourists as a haven for expats. The life in this part of the world is cheap as compared to other parts of the world. WashDrop offers an 80 Baht off offer the first time you visit their website and use their services to clean your laundry, provided you follow the special link that we have for you here at Chiang Mai Laundry. Given WashDrop’s low prices, this will result in a significant saving off your first order. You can also refer your friends to use WashDrop in the future and continue to receive discounts off your laundry.

Save 80 Baht on your first WashDrop Order